Roundup of all News and Changes in Pokemon Go With the Release of Gen 3, Here is Everything You Need to Know

Now with the release of Gen 3 in Pokemon Go, a lot of new things are implemented, and for this matter, a Redditor called selfpotato_, has made a comprehensive running list on the official TSR Reddit, of all the news and updates since the release of the new species.

The list contains all 50 new Gen 3 Pokemon, all known moves/stats, how the new weather system affects Pokemon, what are the regional locked Pokemon and a lot more.

Weather and Pokemon

  • Weather bonus can make wild Pokemon over Lvl 30.
  • Weather boosted Pokemon have 5/5/5 IV lower bound. above average IVs.
  • Pokemon IV changes when the weather changes before you catch it.
  • Weather boosted Raid Bosses are Lvl 25 instead of 20.
  • It looks like weather updates on every hour. This is not yet confirmed but has been reported by many PoGo players.

New Raid Bosses

  • Absol – Tier 4 New Raid Boss | CP 26262 (can be shiny).
  • Mawile – Tier 2 New Raid Boss | 9403 (can be shiny).

Gen 3 Shiny Pokemon

Gen 3 Pokemon hatching from 2km, 5km and 10km

Some Pokemon’s movesets have been adjusted

  • Feraligatr: Waterfall replaced Water Gun (fast).
  • Gyarados: Waterfall replaced Dragon Tail (fast).
  • Kingdra: Waterfall replaced Water Gun (fast).
  • Lapras: Surf replaced Ice Beam (charge).
  • Politoed: Surf replaced Earthquake (charge).
  • Rhydon: Surf replaced Megahorn (charge).
  • Seaking: Waterfall replaced Poison Jab (fast).
  • Suicune: Snarl replaced Hidden Power (fast).

New Moves found in Game_Master

  • Type, Power, Duration confirmed for new moves: Waterfall, Surf, Drafo Meteor, Doom Desire, Yawn, Psycho Boost, Origin Pulse, Precipice Blades, Present.
  • Based on this data, Present appears to function like a normal move vs. its function in the classic games, but not yet confirmed.

3 Pokemon have been buffed and nerfed

  • Ho-Oh – Max CP 2248 and 2359!
  • Slaking – Max CP is now 4548, ATK 290, DEF 183, STA 273.
  • Groudon – Max CP is now 4063, ATK 270, DEF 251, STA 182.

Region Locked Pokemon

  • North America – Plusle, Zangoose.
  • South America – Plusle, Zangoose.
  • Africa – Plusle, Zangoose.
  • Europe – Minun, Seviper.
  • Asia – Minun, Seviper.
  • Australia/New Zealand – Minun, Seviper.

Battle Party Feature is Now Live

  • Battle Party feature is now in beta testing, and yes, there are some bugs, but we hope to see those bugs fixed soon. For those who are not familiar with what this feature is, I’ve got your back – “Battle parties allow you to choose up to six Pokémon to quickly select for Gym and Raid Battles. You might have a favorite set of Pokémon that you always bring to battle with you, or maybe you have a few Pokémon that deal significant damage against Raid Boss Pokémon. Battle parties make selecting your preferred Pokémon fast and easy.”
  • In addition, here is how to create a Battle Party:
  1. Map view – select Main Menu,
  2. Select Pokemon button,
  3. Then select Party tab,
  4. And for last go on the Create Party button, and you are all set.

Now you have a list of news and updates in Pokemon Go. I hope this will come out handy for you, to understand and learn more. Thanks for reading and Catch em’ All!

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