HUNT: Showdown closed alpha begins on January 31

The game that many gamers want to experience, Hunt: Showdown, will start its closed beta in 2 weeks from now. Beginning on January 31st, Crytek has announced that the phase will mostly rely on gameplay testing regarding further balancing and optimization which is going to address based on the feedback.

Hunt Showdown

The community on the other side is best to follow the mechanics and report if any in-game bugs appear. Crytek’s will choose beta testers randomly, excluding the interested Twitch streamers who are interested in promoting HUNT: Showdown on their official Twitch channels.

We have already witnessed a lot of Twitch streamers interested in the game, which may result in quite a significant number of streamers, streaming HUNT: Showdown during the closed beta. Killing monsters for a bounty will be challenging but escaping with the bounty even more. No matter the fact if playing as a duo or single, the game will offer quite a bitter taste regarding survival.

Having a sandbox environment is always lovely, especially when it comes to a brutal multiplayer game. Furthermore, during its closed beta, Crytek may release new in-game elements, gear or weapons for a better examination and control over the game’s details and resources.

What appears to me is that as a sandbox game and elements that HUNT: Showdown offers, friendship will no longer be a thing in this game, so, may God help us.

Angel Kicevski

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