Pokemon Go Solrock-Lunatone Riddle May Finally be Solved, Both Could be Region Exclusives and Day/Night Spawns

With the release of Gen 3 Pokemon in Pokemon Go, the region-exclusive pool has changed, and right now we’re standing on five region-exclusive Gen 3 Pokemon. But what got us confused is the release of Solrock and Lunatone with the last wave, and many Trainers have been wondering and trying to solve the riddle – Are they true region exclusives or day/night spawns?

Everything started when 23 new Gen 3 Pokemon have been released, especially when Pokemon announced the following on their official website:

Of particular note are the mighty Lunatone and Solrock, which can be found throughout the world, but never in the same region at the same time.”

This got me thinking, are Solrock and Lunatone region-exclusive or maybe day and night spawns? Or maybe both? And here is why I think it’s both.

  • Lunatone has the same regional status with Minun and Zangoose, but only spawns between 9:00 PM and 5:00 AM local time (estimate).
  • Solrock has the same regional status with Plusle and Seviper, but only spawns between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM local time (estimate).

Now, it looks like this has something to do with the current phase of the moon, which is in its waxing gibbous or the first quarter, and as we move closer to a full moon, Lunatone might start to appear and Solrock to disappear between 9:00 PM and 9:00 AM.

At the same time, Lunatone and Solrock could switch region (like Zangoose and Seviper), which makes them both region-exclusive and day/night spawns.

This looks like an interesting theory and it makes sense that these two Pokemon would shift during new/full moon. However, there is insufficient data to support the conclusion yet, so we just have to wait and see the moon phase shift and to be sure what is the deal with Lunatone and Solrock.

If this theory comes out to be right, we might see their rotation on February 2 at 1 AM UTC.

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