Escape From Tarkov Open Beta coming up soon, Hideout, Health rehab and more

Enough is enough. Battlestate Games has finally decided to discover their plans in 2018, and one of them is Escape From Tarkov Open Beta phase. It is time for Battlestate Game to set up new timeline for their product.

Their plans are all about bringing a better product to its whole fanbase. From optimizations to error extermination, from rough to smooth, from lazy to energetic means.

For many months in a row, fans around the world had a belief that there has been something wrong with the hitreg, or more likely, a bug somewhere in the netcode which has been causing this issue. Well, at the end it came out that everything is correct, and the right part is that Battlestate Games is ready to erase all the bad memories and further issues in the game, and that is very soon.

If we summarize it all, after having so many good promises by Battlestate Games, we’re scared some of them may fail. According to the new and public list of upcoming changes, every single point sounds more than okay.

What’s important is that after every single raid, players will need to deal with their character’s health in the upcoming “Hideout” feature. However, there might be a little delay on the “Hideout” feature, and it may miss the chance to come out within the Open Beta.

Everyone’s agile when it comes to a one chance fight, where you either grab or lose all your gear, so, therefore, these changes are of high importance on the list. You can find all the announced changes coming to Escape From Tarkov, below:

First and foremost, we are preparing the launch of the Open Beta Testing. To make sure everything goes smoothly with this launch, we are now polishing the game’s technical aspects above everything else, namely:

Fixing all possible errors that break the gameplay or game:

  • Errors that cause drops in performance
  • Errors that make the game crash
  • Errors that prevent you from playing further (all sorts of inventory and weapon-related hang-ups and freezes)
  • Other technical errors that rarely occur but don’t allow playing either.

We are optimizing and fixing the network code, striving to eliminate the cases of desync, reduce delays and get rid of disconnects.

  • Part of the works has already been done, significantly reducing delays, but the process is ongoing.
  • We are also working on matchmaker adjustment, increasing its accuracy to ensure the minimum latency for players.
  • Servers get optimized as well in terms of CPU use, memory and traffic, allowing to use the resources of server machines with more efficiency, improving the overall quality of online play.
  • Fixing server-side errors that lead to significant drops in the performance of the server application, resulting in consecutive desyncs and disconnects.

Optimizing game performance

  • Investigating and repairing all possible causes of abnormally high CPU load. EFT is putting CPU under quite a stress, and the main causes of low performance are the following: physics, animation system, in-game logic, CPU-based graphics processing. The first two reasons take up more than a half of overall game performance, so we are focused on fixing and optimizing these components. We are refactoring physics, optimizing animation system and simplify the animation events.
  • We have introduced new additional means of optimizing locations. For example, the new Interchange location is done with full employment of the new methods, and after its release, we’ll be sure to optimize all the old maps as well.
  • In general, we can say with confidence that there is still considerable potential for optimization.
  • Beside technical preparations for OBT, we are balancing everything there already is in the game, add new content and key features. The Open Beta is to feature the new Interchange location, new quests, weapons, equipment and other items. All this will be uploaded as part of few upcoming patches prior to Open Beta launch for additional testing.

Whatever happens in near future, we mustn’t forget the upcoming changes and transformation into a whole new open world shooter. The developer is more than sure it will turn around many things, and with the game’s seriousness, the product will become a new blockbuster ready to race among the most popular shooters.

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