Moltres Confirmed as Quest Research Breakthrough Reward, Mew is Once per Account

The new “Pokemon Research” feature is going live today, and as confirmed by the Japanese Pokemon Go website, Moltres will be a quest research reward.

“Pokemon Research” is a feature that will bring a whole new level of excitement to all Pokemon Go players – finishing quests, earning rewards, catching Legendary and Mythical Pokemon, in this case, Mew (shiny form also available).

There are two different types of research:

  • Field Research
  • Special Research

The first includes catch challenges, Gym Battles and Radi scenarios, while the second includes spinning PokeStops, catching and transferring Pokemon. PokeStops will give out the same task to every Trainer and will change daily.

As you progress in research, or when completing a Field Research task, you will receive a stamp (only one per day), and collecting 7 stamps (or 1 week), Professor Willow will open a “big discovery” quest, granting better rewards and battle and catch Legendary Pokemon.

So far, Moltres has been confirmed as quest research reward:

moltres quest research breakthrough reward

As the story progresses, Professor Willow has a Special Research that will lead you to find and catch the Mythical Pokemon Mew. For those wondering, Special Research will become available when Trainer Level becomes 5 or higher. In addition, search for Mew “Special research” can be challenged once by each trainer, as said on the Japanese Pokemon Go website.

With all that being said, it’s time to get ready and catch Mew and its shiny form!


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