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Adventure Event 3D Shiny Assets Added

The Adventure Event is going live today at 1:00 PM PDT featuring new rewards, new Raid Bosses, increased spawn rate of Rock Type Pokemon, Buddy Pokemon will earn 4x Candy faster and for every new Pokestop or Gym spun, players will get up to x10 XP.

A lot of players have been asking if we are going to see shiny Pokemon and yes, we’re going to see shinies as confirmed by the shiny master himself, the famous dataminer Chrales.

Chrales found the following shiny 3D models in the game:

  • Omanyte
  • Omastar
  • Kabuto
  • Kabutops
  • Aerodactyl

So, most probably this is how it’s going to work:

  • Aerodactyl shiny form from Raids;
  • Omanyte, Omastar shiny form from the wild;
  • Kabuto, Kabutops shiny form from the wild.

Get ready for a shiny invasion!



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