Hunt: Showdown’s First Content Update Adds Multiple New Weapons and Traits

Hunt: Showdown is still in Early Access as the developers at Crytek are pushing new updates trying to bring the game to a better level. Thanks to the first content update which includes significant changes and features, the game notices a very good progression. The new patch adds five new weapons, traits, outfits and two new tactical grenades, alongside many critical tweaks.

Hunt: Showdown

Unlike previous minor patches, this one is considered to do the close work and allow players to grasp their previously promised improved gameplay experience. Crytek’s new FPS shooter with hardcore survival elements is starting to feel like a severe and fantastic game to play.

The size of the new content update is 3.3 GB. Its size confirms the content inside, as there will be numerous additional tweaks regarding gameplay and core mechanics. Some of them are extra rewards for target banishment, bloodline refactoring, fall damage, and inventory system refactoring. Inventory system refactoring changes are essential since hunters cannot abuse the weapon inventory because the item slots are now dynamic and change according to the weapons used.

Many people have been asking for weapon scopes. Therefore, Crytek has added new arsenal to Hunt: Showdown. Some of them quite important and vital for action, players may now satisfy their needs by equipping their favorite loadout before jumping into action. Alongside the scopes, there are new consumables and one tool. All of the arsenal additions can be found below:

  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 Sniper (rifle with long scope)
  • Nagant M1895 Deadeye (pistol with short scope)
  • Sparks LRR Sniper (rifle with long scope)
  • Vetterli 71 Deadeye (rifle with short scope)
  • Winfield 1873 Marksman (rifle with medium scope)
  • Updated Mosin-Nagant M1891 model
  • Updated Mosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez model
  • Updated Mosin-Nagant M1891 Bayonet model
  • Flash Bomb (blinding flashbang)
  • Poison Bomb (creates a cloud of poison gas which causes damage over time, similar to the spider’s poison attack)
  • Spyglass (tool)

Traits are most intriguing for good and exciting gameplay, giving players various of benefits. Therefore, 12 new traits have been added, and you can find them below:

  • Bulletgrubber (replaces Pump Jockey trait): You can reload mid-clip without losing the chambered bullet on certain weapons
  • Bulwark: Reduce the damage from explosions by 20%.
  • Deadeye Scopesmith: Remain in scope view after firing a shot while using any weapon with a short scope (Deadeye variants)
  • Iron Sharpshooter: Remain in iron sights after firing a shot while using bolt-action rifles
  • Iron Devastator: Remain in iron sights between shots using shotguns
  • Kiteskin: Reduce damage from falling by 50%
  • Marksman Scopesmith: Remain in scope view after firing a shot while using any weapon with a medium scope (Marksman variants)
  • Sniper Scopesmith: Remain in scope view after firing a shot while using any weapon with a long scope (Sniper variants)
  • Resilience: Get revived with one full health chunk
  • Steady Aim: Sway settles over 12 seconds with scoped rifles
  • Steady Hand: Sway settles over 12 seconds with scoped pistols
  • Salveskin: Health Chunks damaged by fire heal faster to their full amount

Thanks to this content update, Hunt: Showdown begins its essential journey on improving the game further. Hopefully, we’ll have a final product to enjoy playing sooner than later. After the update was deployed, there have been two server maintenances which ensured Hunt: Showdown’s overall gameplay stability. If you’d love to see all the changes in details click here.

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