Pokemon Go Player Went from Lvl 1 to Lvl 40 in Less Than 5 Days Spinning Only PokeStops

Just when I thought I have seen everything in Pokemon Go, there is this guy who spent four and a half day and went from Lvl 1 to Lvl 40.

||Adept|| took advantage of the new Adventure event (up to 10x XP bonus ) and he focused on spinning only new PokeStops. On his journey, he visited 12 different cities, spun a total of 4,387 new PokeStops, dropped all items from the PokeStops or by leveling up except the Lucky Eggs, used 21 Lucky Eggs, and caught only one, ONLY ONE Pokemon – Pikachu. That’s crazy!

Congrats to him for reaching the highest Lvl 40 in such a short period, and it looks like he is the first one who has done this. Impressive, right?

Unfortunately, he only reached Lvl 40, meaning his Pokedex is empty, without medals, without shiny Pokemon, basically he reached a number, nothing else.

With that being said, he broke two records:

  1. The fastest Pokemon Go player who reached Lvl 40 in less than five days;
  2. The weakest Lvl 40 account in the history of Pokemon Go.

With the Adventure event still live, now it’s the perfect time to spin new PokeStops and boost your XP. But be careful, you don’t want to end up with empty Pokedex!

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  1. its a glass account for poi submission, you have a main/strong account and create 10-20+++ of these then submit and validate/vote > make your own couch pois w/o needing or worrying abt anyone else, especially if you have 5-10 friends who do the same and 20 accounts become 100.

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