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Vampyr receives a launch trailer, Reid’s suffering is cruel and bitter

Focus Home Interactive has released a new trailer for Vampur. The new launch trailer covers the life of the protagonist of Vampyr, Dr. Jonathan Reid. As such, he will need to dwell in fighting against the infected and feed upon the humans to maintain his life and evolve abilities. As such, Dr. Jonathan Reid’s life cannot become more corrupted.

Set up in 1918 London, you’re playing as Jonathan Reid which is a famous surgeon and blood transfusion specialist. He’s being infected and turns into a vampire himself, for which it will threaten his life quite a lot. From that point, he needs to both maintain his life by feeding himself with citizens and destroy the vampires across London.

The game will develop by itself according to player’s actions and as such, wrong procedures may lead to a more difficult story. However, the most challenging part is that the source of his power comes from the innocent, from which he needs to feed himself upon.

The trailer shows somewhat of Jonathan Reid’s abilities and sufferings, in which he needs to suppress deep inside of him. As the press release reads, Vampyr is a narrative-driven action-RPG game developed by Dontnod Entertainment. It will release throughout the next week, or more precisely June 5 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.



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