FIFA 19 Will Most Likely Adopt “Take the L” Celebration Emote

While most of you would believe that it will be stolen from Fortnite, do not forget that Antoine Griezmann recently used it on this year’s Football World Cup Championship. The famous dance is known worldwide, and it’s coming from Fortnite, but many Fifa 19 fans would love to see it as inclusion in Fifa 19.

Furthermore, Sander’s Twitter has stated that EA developers have already said they’re looking for an option to include the “Take the L” as a celebration emote if they could get licensing for the same. It is most likely that it will happen, even though the chances are 50/50.

It’s a bit obvious how Fortnite has an impact on all of the next-gen emotes and developers. By evolving amazing and smoothly looking emotes, they’re just spicing the competition by encouraging other developers to include beautiful animations in their video games.

Well, it is almost a confirmation that “Take The L” emote will be in FIFA 19 since it’s already confirmed that it will be available in Madden 19.

If we go back through EA’s timeline and history, they are most likely going to include the “Take the L” celebration emote in FIFA 19, despite their statement of currently not having the license.

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