Pokemon Go Second Anniversary is on July 6, Get Ready for a New Event

Update 06/07/18: The maximum storage capacity for Pokemon is increased from 1,500 to 2,000, as confirmed by the Pokemon Company. To reach this, players need to purchase 10 extra Pokemon Storage Upgrades.

Update 05/07/18: The 2nd-anniversary event is now officially announced and starting from July 6 until July 31 featuring Summer Style Pikachu, and increased spawn rate of Pikachu and Pichu. In addition, Pikachu Fan Avatar items will be available for purchase and Trainers with a gold Pikachu Fan medal will be able to purchase all related items, which include a T-shirt and Pikachu ears. For last, Celebi is confirmed, we just wait for an official release date – possible July 14/15 during PoGO Fest 2018 in Chicago.

Previous story: With Pokemon Go’s 2nd year anniversary coming up on July 6, many fans are expecting Niantic to launch a new in-game event on that day.

Last year, Pokemon Go turned one, and Pokemon Go players around the world had a chance to catch a special Pikachu wearing a hat. Also, during the 19-days event (from July 6 until July 24) Niantic offered to the players a limited time Anniversary Box featuring Incubators, Max Revives, Ultra Balls and Raid Passes at a lower price.

In just two days from now, Pokemon Go will celebrate its second anniversary, but unfortunately, Niantic hasn’t shared anything on that topic, but we do know that a new event is ‘cooking.’

So far, and the only thing happening on that day is the Ex Raid. Pokemon Go players who received their Ex Raid Pass will have a chance to battle and catch the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo on July 6th. This could be one of the ‘rewards,’ but we expect to see a lot more.

Recently, Chrales, a Pokemon Go dataminer, has discovered a new ‘Pikachu Fan’ avatar items in the code, so this could be one on the new things. At the moment, there is so much going on, that even Niantic is having a headache :). Plus with the upcoming Articuno Day and Community Day events, July is going to be an insane month!

There was a new APK released yesterday, meaning that something is coming and that something will be announced very soon. So, until then, stay with us and be the first to know.

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