Pokemon Go Safari Zone Yokosuka Quests and the Special Ultra Bonus

Update 8/29/18: The Yokosuka Special Research tasks and rewards have been revealed:

  • Spin 3 PokeStops or Gyms – x3 Super Incubator
  • Catch 10 Beldum – Metagross
  • Catch 10 Ralts – Gardevoir
  • Catch 10 Slakoth – Slaking
  • Hatch 3 Eggs – 3000 XP
  • Reward 100k Stardust!!! That’s crazy!

Previous Story: Trainers, the last Pokemon Go Summer Tour 2018 Safari Zone event will go live on Wednesday, August 29 through September 2 in Yokosuka Japan, unlocking new rewards and the final stage of the event – the Ultra Bonus Unlock.

The Pokemon Go Safari Zone event in Yokosuka will take place in three different city parks – Mikasa, Verny and Kurihama. During the event, participants will see increased spawn rate of some Pokemon – Tropius, Unown, Feebas, Torchic, Wingull (also with increased spawn rate worldwide, possible shiny) and Professor WIllow’s Global Challenge will go live on September 1 and 2. This means that new quests related to Safari Zone will go live and players have to finish the tasks in order to open new bonuses.

The Special Research Tasks have been found in the GM file by the world famous Pokemon Go dataminer Chrales today (August 27), including special dialogues. Take a look below.

Pokemon Go Yokosuka Special Research Tasks

  • Catch {0} Beldum
  • Catch {0} Slakoth
  • Catch {0} Ralts
  • Catch a Rattata or Pikachu
  • Earn {0} Candies walking with your buddy
    + special research
    + new version hint
    + Pokedex gen4 header text reference removed

pokemon go safari zone global challenge yokosuka quests special dialogue

The event will go live this week, so get ready and let’s open the Ultra Bonus reward together!

Rumor: The Ultra Bonus will go live in September, the month when Mewtwo was introduced worldwide for the first time via Ex Raid invitations. This got me thinking, the Special Ultra Bonus might unlock Mewtwo for everyone (Ex Raid Passes for everyone) and its shiny form to celebrate its first anniversary.

What are your thoughts? You’re more than welcome to share your comments below.

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  1. Wonder what the Ultra Bonus would be…But Ex Raid passes for everyone and its shiny form sounds just great! 🙂

    1. Both..Participants will get increased spawn rate of some Pokemon, while the others are going to see only Wingull. The Ultra Bonus is Global, and it looks likewe have to finish these quests and open the reward. The author just assumes the reward will be shiny Mewtwo, which is a possibility.

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