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Pokemon Go First Unban Wave, Spoofers are back But Not for Long

The first unban wave since the new ‘Three-Strikes’ cheating policy was just sent, and many spoofers got all of their accounts back. So don’t be surprised if you see one clearing out and taking over all of the Gyms in your area.

Niantic and Pokemon Go introduced the ‘Three-Strikes’ policy on July 19, 2018, allowing spoofers to learn from their mistakes and change the way of playing by giving them three chances before a permaban. However, some misbehaviors may result in an instant permaban.

The ‘Three-Strikes’ policy

  1. Warning up to seven days;
  2. Suspension for 30 days;
  3. Termination.

For more info on this policy, please see here.

Now, the spoofers are reporting of a first unban wave since the new cheating policy, and many legit players are not happy about it. Most of them are reporting of Gyms being unusually full, Pokemon getting knocked out within seconds of taking over a Gym and to be honest it’s not fun at all. We all know how they play and not many players agree with their gameplay.

But hey, look at the bright side – the next and final step is PERMABAN!

It looks like Niantic is taking the spoofing issue seriously and this method seems super effective. Keep up the good work Niantic!



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