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Battlefield V Open Beta How to Fix Squad Issues

Playing Battlefield V may be quite triggering during this Open Beta, especially if you are playing with friends. Well, I had the chance to make a premade squad yesterday and found out that making a group and starting a match can lead to various crashes.

Dealing with the problem is not a biggie, but it definitely consumed a little bit of time. When you’re creating a group, you should notice your bottom right corner if the players are being added. Usually, the leader of the group always sees them. However, the newly added players do not.

That actually pinpoints the problem, meaning not all of the players are actually in the squad, so when the leader of the squad starts the queue up it happens to throw the rest of the players outside of the match. See pic below to get the picture easier.

Battlefield V Premade Squad Join Fix

With that being said, all you need to do is just pass the lead to the player you have invited by promoting him. In that way, he will begin to see the players in the bottom right corner. All you need to do is just continue with the same pattern by passing the lead to the newly joined players.

After you do that, all of the players have to see each other both on the left side of the screen under Social and on the right bottom on the little icons before you start a match. See pic below:

Before you begin a match, just make sure you can all see each other in the bottom right corner. If so, it doesn’t matter who is the leader, just make sure he would be the one starting the queue. Also, do not forget to tell us if this little workaround fixed your issues in the comments below.



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