Fallout 76 Beta Begins in October, The Month to Judge

Fallout 76 is the game that not only excites the players but also bothers them in a way. More precisely, the Open Beta, which is about to happen in October. Many people believe that the exact date will be October 8th. The date is quite close to its official release date and judging by its current looks from what we’ve learned so far, players are being thrown into delirium, not knowing what exactly the Open Beta will offer.

In a previous article, it was also confirmed that the Beta will begin in October, which is a time span of 1 month before release.

First of all, the first Beta will be available to those who pre-ordered, and some others lurkers who have luckily gotten an invite. Overall, Fallout 76 BETA is supposed to include almost everything the complete game offers, found by a perspective that the Beta progress done by players may be carried on after the final release. If this statement appears to be true, then pre-orders will likely have a head start and advantage over other players who come later in the game.

The most amazing feature is how Bethesda is going to make the base spawn play out. Todd Howard has confirmed numerous times that the flexibility of players coming on and leaving a game will leave no trash behind, clearing the base or inputting a new one. The whole mechanic is about to be extremely amazing, as it will allow players to fully enjoy their journey and survival stories.

Supposedly, the Fallout 76 beta is most likely coming on October 8th, which is going to enlighten many unknown scraps and pieces so we can put together easier. What do you think about Fallout 76 Open Beta? Are you excited yet?

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