Fortnite Season 6 Meets Power Rangers, Red Hood, The Wolf, and most importantly, Pokemon GO

Epic Games and its latest Season 6 in Fortnite has surely brought something up to everyone’s attention. To be honest, however, the most important things that could be noticed, despite the addition of the new features such as Shadow Stone and multiple map changes, one addition surely stands up of them all.

Many of you won’t like the fact that we’re linking this and connecting it with other video games or childhood stories, but it seems like it has to be done. We’ve also seen many other portals including social networks such as Reddit posting stories regarding this situation.

First of all, there are the POWER RANGERS themed skin, which is DJ Yoander, which surely tickles some senses and looks like their big ROBOT, in which they used to fight against criminals. Now within the multiple changes and new itemization, there’s yet another feature to look of.

The second one is the Red Hood skin and the Werewolf, which slightly changes the childhood story of the Red Hood and the Wolf. The last change, by the way, remains unique all the way up to the teeth.

Presumably, the biggest change is alleged to be the addition of PETS, enabling players to own one of them and carry it on their back. There are not many games to relate to this focus, except one, which community is probably the oldest and biggest ever, both in numbers and success. Pokemon GO. During its old days, Pokemon FANS have been gathering either cards, toys, or everything else that implied something to POKEMON, or contained a Pokemon Material, until Pokemon GO was invented.

Pokemon GO allowed players to travel across the glove and gather their favorite Pokemon, accordingly to its placement and location during an event. The game has bolstered its numbers sky high and simply said, lead to millions of downloads on both the App Store and Play store.

To these days, Pokemon GO is a highly populated video game with the oldest but also largest video game community ever. Well, Fortnite’s Season 6 surely encourages the players to also grind their tiers on the Battle Pass by also unlocking various of pets that are currently available in this Battle Pass. The idea is great, but instead of draining real-life energy, it pushes players to stay longer behind their monitors, which in translation is worse than what Pokemon GO does.

In the long term, this may transfer to a whole new and keen mechanic, which may push players to gather various of pets across the map in Fortnite, or maybe make them obtainable through completing various of challenges. Overall, it is somewhat a stolen feature out of other video games, and because of their cuteness and positive feedback, they are most likely to remain in the game rather than being expelled after the season ends.

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