Fortnite Season 6 Teaser 3 Still Hides its Mystery Theme

Fortnite Season 6 is 1 day away from becoming available to the public. With it, players will probably be available to purchase a Battle Pass which will be full of challenges and other things to accomplish. After receiving the first two teasers, this third teaser simply says nothing about the game theme or nothing particular to how everything will commence.

With that being said, Epic Games is surely keeping a hold to their content, whilst also denying data miners to find out what Season 6 hides. To be fair and honest, that’s the right way how it should be, keeping it as a surprise. It is not a mimic, it is a whole sanctuary to those who tend to welcome any form of surprises when it comes to their favorite game.

Epic Games tweeted the last and third teaser about Season 6 without releasing any sort of video material regarding the same. The last seen tweet of the new Season 6 can be found below:

Many people speculate that this image might be hiding a feature of adding pets in the game. However, we do believe it’s a new skin that is coming in Season 6. Well, if not, it definitely looks like a Werewolf in the least case scenario.

It is quite expected to see few map changes, as well as a different approach on the core gameplay itself, similar to what other Season had done in the past. If you haven’t noticed, the image still includes the mysterious cube in which the werewolf is included. So, we expect to be heavily themed about the cube and the runes engraved across the whole map. The low gravity field can only mix the outcome of each game, even when it comes to the professional level of gameplay.

Luckily, we’ll be able to first experience Season 6 tomorrow, September 27, and the launch of probably the most exciting Season we have ever anticipated in Fortnite until now.

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