Pokemon GO Officially Launches in Russia After 2 Years

Many human beings believe that Russia is a distinct country who has different perspectives on video games, so as their allowances too. Not only Pokemon GO, but other games were banned in Russia so that Russian consumers and game lovers cannot anticipate a good amount of popular video games. Well, that has come to a change and Pokemon GO finally becomes available to play in Russia.

The Pokemon GO Community is about to grow bigger. After more than 2 years, Russian players will have the chance to become Pokemon Trainers and do their best in the most popular mobile game ever created. All of the official downloads are starting today, as Apple’s APP Store and Google’s Play Store are about to allow the Russian population to download Pokemon GO.

It is considered as a Substantial manner to have more people joining the Pokemon GO Community and despite the difference in prices on the Russian version of the game, we truly believe there will be a good amount of players in that particular region.

One particular problem is that the prices in the shop are a bit higher than in other regions. Hopefully, this will get fixed to a certain ratio since the market prices are not the same in all regions because of the different currency.

Russian Trainers, congrats on joining the Pokemon GO codex and we wish you all the luck hunting!

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Amie Gammons

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