Tides of Vengeance is Battle For Azeroth’s Next Content Update

Lots of players have found themselves as lost in World of Warcraft’s new Battle For Azeroth expansion. Well, month upon release, Blizzard is ready to mix the waters and include whatever everyone was missing for a while. New content named Tides of Vengeance is about to strike BFA.

This was announced during live stream by Blizzard Entertainment, in which Ion Hazzikostas take a part in. He discovered many issues are along Blizzard’s path of fixing the same, however, the main purpose of the live stream was to discover the new Tides of Vengeance addition.

Below you can find the full video and Ion’s effort on bringing as much as details as he could.

Nevertheless, the new content update will still have its grasp close to the war campaign, which means the Alliance and the Horde will have a reason to toggle War Mode ON, or leave it be if already toggled.

If we dwell into details, the new Battle for Azeroth is expected to add Incursions, New World Quests, a few elements to the War Campaign and a continuation of what’s been left behind regarding character storylines. This statement reveals a new path of Highlord Saurfang, Jaina, Tyrande and Vol’Jin, which is most likely to be connected to the war campaign itself.

Heritage Armor

Tides of Vengeance will also include a new sort of transmogs. If you remember closely Heritage Armor was first introduced as an addition coming with the allied races, available only to them and not to previous ones. This time, the obtainment of the Heritage armor will not require players to level up their characters from 0 to 120, but instead the heritage armor and appearance will be collected through a racial questline.

Sadly, at the start of the Expansion, only 1 race of each faction will get the new heritage armor, Dwarves, and Blood Elves. However, the expectations of Blizzard adding this to all of the remaining races is quite huge, as Ion Hazzikostas has proven the same.

New Warfront

As the presentation continued, Ion has also discovered that a new Warfront will be available in which the Alliance strikes back. The new Warfront will be set in Darkshore, with a heavy theme over the Night Elves vs the Forsaken.

2 New Islands

  • Jorundall
  • Havenswood

Together with the two new islands, Ion has discovered that Tides of Vengeance will also bring new events and enemies which will be there to spice up the game. Together with the new islands, Blizzard will also ad a new spawning system that will improve the feel and purpose of the gameplay.

2 New Raids

Well, it is time for the most exciting part. During this week we have had seen lots of guilds trying to get World’s First Mythic Uldir. Also, we have witnessed Method live streaming their mythic encounter for the first time, for which we’re sure it helped other guilds progress as well. Claiming as the most favorite and important thing under the section “Content”, Blizzard will be adding a new Raid that will allow players to confront new bosses and overpowered mechanics.

First one named Siege of Zuldazar, the location of the raid is clearly known, and it is yet to discover new surprises. Ion has discovered that this raid will be the first one to relish the War Mode itself. The enemies in this raid are scheduled to be from the opposite faction, which will surely create a huge impact to high-tier raiders. According to many players, this is how a raid should be done, especially in an expansion that themes a War between the Horde and the Alliance.

Different enemies should include different mechanics, and different mechanics should also harden Blizzard’s work across the tweaks. All of this being available during Tides of Vengeance is surely one of the most favorite things among players, and most of them look forward to anticipating the new Raid ASAP.

The story behind the raid shows the path of how the raid is going to be played. Namely, the Alliance is ready to Strike Zuldazar with all the forces with Jaina leading the pact, while the Horde is ready to defend their city from collapse. Siege of Zuldazar will include 6 bosses to both factions and is set to twist the story as the story comes to an end.

The second will be named Crucible of Storms, and unlike Siege of Zuldazar, it will include only 2 bosses and will offer the same bosses to both the Factions.

It was about time for Blizzard to announce an upcoming content for World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth, and it definitely sounds like a big one.

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