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List of All Regional Exclusives Pokemon, Here is Where you can Find Them ‘Region Pokemon Map’ Included

Some Trainers want to complete their Pokedex, but they should be aware of some Pokemon in the game that are exclusive to a particular region. This means that the Trainers have to travel, trade or at least be aware of a ‘Regional event’ (if any) to complete the Pokedex.

Below you can find the list all of the Region exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Also where to catch them and their history of where they have been located at the moment.

  1. Lunatone – North America, South America, Africa.
  2. Relicanth – New Zealand Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia.
  3. Seviper – North America, South America and Africa.
  4. Solrock – Europe, Asia and Australasia.
  5. Torkoal – South, Southwest and Southeast Asia.
  6. Tropius – Africa, Mediterranean.
  7. Volbeat – Europe, Asia and Australasia.
  8. Zangoose – Europe, Asia and Australasia.
  9. Farfetch’d – Japan and South Korea. Also in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau – thanks to Bucky (see comment below).
  10. Kangaskhan – Australasia.
  11. Mr. Mime – Europe.
  12. Tauros – The US. Also in Southern Canada – thanks to Bucky (see comment below).
  13. Heracross – South America, Florida and Texas.
  14. Corsola – Tropical areas.
  15. Illumise – North America, South America and Africa.
  16. Pachirisu – Russia, Alaska. Also in Northern Canada thanks to Bucky (see comment below).
  17. Chatot – Southern Hemisphere (Saudi Arabia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Australia, Uruguay, Argentina, South Africa, Chile, Zambia, Paraguay, New Zealand).
  18. Carnivine – The US (Tenessee, Atlanta, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Bahamas).

For last, we made a map of all region exclusive Pokemon and here is how it looks. Have in mind that we’re still working on finding the exact places for some region exclusive Pokemon and the ‘Region Map” might change.



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  1. Slight correction for the list: Farfetch’d is also in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. People tend to forget that and think only Japan and Korea.

    And Tauros is also found in southern Canada, which is not mentioned on the list. Likewise, Pachirisu isn’t simply in “Canada.” It’s in northern Canada, where most of the population doesn’t live. Don’t expect to find it in Toronto or here in Vancouver.

  2. Solrock spotted in Mauritius

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