Alolan Exeggutor Defeated by Lvl20 Smoochum

Alolan Exeggutor, the Tier 2 Raid Boss in Pokemon Go was defeated by a team of Lvl20 Smoochum, making it the easiest Raid Boss in the history of the game.

A Pokemon Go player from Germany, ALB37Kleinstein Lvl 39 Team Mystic, tried to ‘destroy’ the Tier 2 Raid Boss using only his Lvl 20 Smoochum team of six.

  • Alolan Exeggutor moveset: Bullet Seed/Solar Beam.
  • Smoochum movesets: Powder Snow/Ice Beam (5x), Powder Snow/Ice Punch (1x).
  • Weather: Partly Cloudy, so no boost for either party.
  • No dodging, rejoin after max reviving.

Take a look at the ‘epic fight’ below.

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