(Tease) Pokemon Go Halloween Event 2018, New Legendary Gen 4 Raid Boss and more

Please have in mind that this is just a tease and a hint, 0% confirmed and 0% a leak!

Trainers, it seems like Pokemon Go’s Halloween event 2018 is going live tomorrow (October 23) and will end on November 7.

There is a message circling around, teasing the new, upcoming Halloween event in Pokemon Go.

Here is what it says (Well, this might be the auto-translate version):


The most chilling season comes to Pokémon Go with new ghost-type Pokémon, originally discovered in the Sinnoh region.

Meet with Drifloon, Spiritomb and evolved forms of other Pokémon from other regions known both wild, incubating eggs and in the improved raids.

You may encounter a Misdreavus variocolor.

During this season enjoy the double of pokémon candies in all functions.

And to give more chills on this Halloween, from October 23 and until November 7, the ghost and dragon type Pokémon, Giratina in its origin form will reach the legendary raids.

To beat this pokémon you will need your maximum potential, so the new features will help you to give the most epic battles!

Remember to be alert to your surroundings while you enjoy exploring.

-The Pokémon Go team.

Our conclusion:

  • No reports have been made of shiny Misdreavus assets in GM file, usually, Chrales is the right person for this.
  • However, Niantic can change/add them at any moment.
  • New Gen 4 Ghost Type Pokemon for Halloween sounds like a possibility.
  • New Tier 5 Raid Boss Giratina – Mewtwo is currently the Tier 5 Raid Boss, and as you all know, it will be leaving us tomorrow on October 23 at PM PDT. This means that a new Tier 5 Raid Boss will take its place, so the dual Type, Ghost/Dragon Legendary Pokemon Giratina from Gen 4 sounds like an option.
  • Poorly typed post by Niantic – I don’t think so unless it’s auto-translated.

If you pay a close attention to the Gen 4 announcement trailer here, you will find the Gen 4 starters, which are live at the moment, and right after them you’ll find Giratina (well, only the eyes). Is there a potential ‘release pattern’ hidden within the trailer?

Sounds interesting, right? Well, it might be true.

We still have to wait for an official announcement, so until then get aboard the HYPE TRAIN!

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