Red Dead Redemption 2 Map to be Massive, larger than any previous Rockstar title

After countless explanations, guesses, rumors, we have finally heard a piece of info that we wanted to hear. Obviously, it holds intel on the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2, which is going to become available in just 4 days from now. Set up in the wild west era, the prosecutor and hunter of the outlaw gangs will surely have difficulties, considering the map’s size will be somewhat difficult to handle.

We know Rockstar Games when it comes to Open World video games. GTA had the best map a player could ever want, and even years since release, modding comes at the right time and right place to relive the gameplay. Something that couldn’t be seen in other video games.

Now let’s get back to the map size and environment which also provides a simple way of developing fun to the fans across the world. In multiple statements, Rockstar representatives have claimed that the Open World not only will be huge but will provide certain activities, even when unexpected. Garbut, Art Director at Rockstar stated:

A big difference for this game is making sure that the player is not just discovering fun things to do, but that the world is constantly serving things up to you in subtle ways.

After this was announced, everyone was eager to find out the map size and the reason for its greatness. Well, multiple people have claimed that they had an opportunity to either find out the map size by digging around, or they’re close to some of the Rockstar’s reps. However, one thing remains sure, and that is the map size correlates with the overall download size of Red Dead Redemption 2.

The size for a Console is huge, and will most likely vary from 85 to 100 GB, which somewhat proves the heftiness of the map itself.

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