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SPOILER ALERT! Red Dead Redemption 2 Insane Hidden Easter Egg

Cowboys, we don’t want to ruin the game for you, but at the same time, we want to share our findings, in this case, one of RDR2’s Easter Eggs.

If you open the map and go to New Hanover, you’ll most probably be going to visit Emerald Ranch or the Emerald Station. Up north near the lake (see the image below) is where the Easter Egg is hidden.

There is a small cabin at the lake, so you must enter and you’ll find some creepy old beds, and in front of you, there’ll be a skeleton sitting on a table full of some kind of potions, candles and a piece of paper. Take the paper, and you’ll find hidden instructions:

At the Second Hour under the Half Moon by the great love and grace of our savior Kuhkowaba, voyager of time and galaxies, we cast off our corporal shells so his vessel can take our spirits to the promised realm. To live in peace and power until the two thousandth year. When we will return for the new chose and worship once again at the peak of mount Shann. In his love, we rejoice always.’

This means that we have to return to the cabin at 2:00 AM on a night with a Half Moon. Just to make this clear, it’s not your local time or your local moon phase – it’s in-game time and moon phase.

We got curious and couldn’t wait for what came next.

We went to the cabin once again on a Half Moon at 2:00 AM, but nothing happened outside the cabin (we expected to see something). When we entered the cabin, a green light came from above.

We looked at the sky from inside the cabin, and through the broken roof we could see a green light and a UFO soaring in the sky.

We are not sure what this means, but we guess the following:

  1. Possible Alien DLC in Read Dead Redemption 2
  2. Or a connection back to Aliens in GTA V.

There are UFOs in the game Cowboys!



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