Black Mesa: Xen chapters to release in Q2 2019

Black Mesa: Xen, the long-awaited Half-Life journey reconstructed on Source 2 will become a reality. According to the recent trailer published by the Black Mesa team, it appears that we have a more precise release date. Do not get it wrong, it is far beyond having an exact release date, but instead, just a dedicated period. According to the trailer, Black Mesa: XEN will release in Q2 2019, which is closer than you think.

The period between will allow the devs to polish the game completely and include a perfect XEN experience. The design will be a lot more beautiful, just as expected, and will “indirectly” include longer gameplay because of the extreme polishing, and new levels added to increase the difficulty.

Therefore, players will get the feeling like they’re taking a new journey, a journey full of love towards the ancestral masterpiece. Below you can find the new trailer:

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Half-Life, the long awaited final chapters of Black Mesa are shown in motion for the first time! Xen is targeted for release in Q2 2019.

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