Pokemon Go Gengar Day, Shiny Gastly and Mega Evolution ‘Confirmed’ by Niantic

Trainers, the Gengar day event is now over and something quite interesting happened.

The Gengar day event went live today and for 3 hours Pokemon Go players got a chance to battle and catch Gengar, its shiny form, got 5 Free Raid Passes and all Gengar caught during the event hours supposed to know Lick+Psychic move. In addition, Shiny Pinsir made its debut in the US (rumors are saying Shiny Pinsir will be available until November 5 when Safari Zone event in Taiwan ends) and other countries and Niantic confirmed Shiny Gastly can be caught in the wild.

Gengar and its shiny form were everywhere and the catch rate of its shiny form was 100% which was awesome. Not all Gengar knew Lick + Psychic move (see tweet below), Shiny Gastly was nowhere to be seen and it looks like Niantic support just “confirmed” a Mega Gengar.

First thing first, let’s see the tweet about the moves.

Like I said, not every Gengar knew Lick + Psychic move.

Next on the list is Shiny Gastly. Reports are coming in Shiny Gastly was nowhere to be found and Niantic confirmed Shiny Gastly is spawning in the wild.

Now, if you pay a close attention to the tweet above, you’ll see that Niantic mentioned: “You can evolve a Shiny Gengar soon.”  As we all know Gengar is the final form of Gastly and the only evolution this Pokemon has is its Mega Evolution Mega Gengar.

Does this mean that Mega Evolutions are coming to Pokemon Go, or Niantic Support presses the wrong ‘button’ again?

It would be great to see the Mega Evolutions but at this moment we would take this with a HUGE grain of salt!

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  1. “Evolve a shiny gengar” = Evolve from previous forms.

    It is clunky language, but I guarantee this doesn’t confirm a mega gengar. That’s nuts and this is clickbait.

    1. 100% agree with this. He’s saying “soon” with relitive terms to this person Finding a Shiny Gastly SOON and evolving into the Shiny Gengar he missed from raids. Nothing more.

      1. Evolve a Shiny Gengar = Evolve into next from. What does evolve an Eevee means to you? Or what does evolve a Bulbasaur means to you? And the article clearly says that is not confirmed..There are quotation marks, it clearly says take this with a huge grain of salt etc..So being toxic is always a better option, right?

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