Pokemon Go November Field Research Tasks and Rewards

A new month is here, and just like the last few months, get ready for new research tasks and rewards. Starting from November 1st at 1:00 PM PDT, there will be new field research tasks focusing on Bug Type Pokemon and what is more exciting a new Special Research Breakthrough – Shedinja, new shiny Pokemon Caterpie and Spinda #7.

We would like to inform you that November will be a great month and you should get ready for a new bumpy, but an amazing ride.

Pokemon Go has field researches which can be defined as daily missions. They can be collected one at a time just by spinning a PokeStop. Usually, these missions are finding a particular creature, engaging in battles and many more. PokeStops have new quests every day, and each one of them has different rare prizes such as TMs and Rare Candy. You can also get some common prizes like Poke Balls.”

Pokemon Go November Field Research Quests and Rewards

The list will be updated on November 1 at 1:00 PM PDT, so make sure to visit us again!

Evolve 2 Pidgey Caterpie
Make 3 Nice Curveballs Spinda #7
Win a Raid Pineco
Send 5 Gifts to Friends Golbat
Earn a Candy walking with your Buddy Clefable
Make 5 Great Throws in a Row Wigglytuff
Win 3 Gym Battles Jynx
Catch 5 Bug type Pokemon Nincada
Catch 5 Normal type Pokemon Pinsir

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