Forsen and the ZULUL Army destroyed Atlas’ NA PVP Server

During a seemingly tough base raid performed by Forsen, accompanied by the ZULUL Army, the servers of the newly released Atlas survival MMO simply collapsed. It is more than simple no one should go against the ZULUL Army, which is one of a kind.

It is hard to meet a community with achievements and aims of this caliber. If they tend to combine their power with a popular Twitch Streamer, it is most likely that everything is possible. Possible of heights to act as a DDOS to a recently released video game. The game that was supposed to support up to 40k players, but cannot even hold a single raid.

During a Twitch Stream session, Forsen decided to go and raid a base with his fellow viewers. The whole base raid was pure fun, taken into consideration the few ad libs and sound queues during the event.

Everything was going quite smoothly, until the very moment when the Raiders (Forsen and the ZULUL Army) demolished one of the concrete walls that was a key object defending the inner side of the base. As soon as they entered the base, for an unknown reason, the servers collapsed without allowing FORSEN and his ARMY to reconnect.

This whole base raid was live on, so you may dwell into the moment by watching the video below:

Watch @forsen, Merry KKona Xmas! Making Pogress! Official NA pvp server. from forsen on


No one should ever mess with Forsen’s Army, as they’re true warriors watched from any single perspective. It was pure fun and joy to watch the whole stream.

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