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How to land a quad crasher without taking any fall damage in Fortnite

A smart guy has figured out how to use the quad crasher appropriately. This little tip will allow players to take advantage of the quad crashers even more, allowing them to put themselves into a better situation when it comes to the Storm, without taking any accidental damage during landing. To prevent taking damage on landing with the quad crasher is pretty straightforward and simple.

The guide was published on Fortnite’s subreddit within a thread. Within a video material, IamSpeedyGonzalez, has discovered how to avoid taking any additional damage while landing. Without further ado, take a look at the video below:

Land a quad crasher without taking fall damage by boosting at the ground as you land from FortniteCompetitive

It is a simple way to avoid taking any damage, right? Therefore, adopting this guide may be quite beneficial to all of the Fortnite fans.



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