Fortnite Week 5 Secret Battle Star Location – Season 7

First of all, we’re sorry for the delay because we usually deal with this guide a lot faster and we’re in general a lot more responsive. Now let’s hop straight to the Fortnite’s Week 5 Hidden Battle Star Location.

Even if we’ve taken the Battle Star and it doesn’t appear on the image below, that means we have taken it rather than it changed spots. As we’re getting closer to a half season, there are lots of dynamics appearing across the whole map.

Small changes are being done almost on daily basis, and as such, we expect to see a brand new surprise prepared by Epic Games. Fortnite is still the game to go in early 2019.

But for now let’s just focus on the hidden battle star. The hidden Week 5 Battle Star is located. The loading screen discovered after accomplishing all the challenges pinpoints the hidden battle star location.

Compressed by jpeg-recompress

Below you can find a more precise location of the secret battle star on the map. At that exact location, there’s a cave. Once you get in the cave, the star will be on the top of the shack, just as shown in the pic above.

Bottom left, GRID: B9

Hopefully, we satisfied your needs and will continue with the same pace no matter if there is an obstacle or not.

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