Pokemon 2019 RPG Nintendo Switch with Redesigned Capture System, New Gen Pokemon and More

Pokemon fans, get ready for a new Pokemon RPG video game on Nintendo Switch this year featuring redesigned capture system and the best graphics ever seen in a Pokemon game.

The new Pokemon RPG video game is set to release this year on Nintendo Switch and rumors are coming in that this would be the “best” Pokemon game ever made.

The exact release date hasn’t been revealed yet, and we expect to see an official announcement at E3 2019 by the Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara in June.

JeuxVideo, the largest video game website in France, shared some very interesting details about the upcoming Pokemon RPG on their official Twitter account, saying that the new Pokemon game will land in 2019 featuring:

  • 100% new role playing game
  • Gen 8 Pokemon
  • Redesigned Capture system
  • Best graphics

JeuxVideo seems to be a reliable Pokemon source, with over 1 million followers on Twitter, but until an official announcement please take this with a huge grain of salt.

What would you like to see in the new Pokemon Switch RPG game? Share your comments below.

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  1. If by “redesigned capture system” they mean “the Pokemon Go / Let’s Go capture system”, I swear to dear Dante I will be so pissed. That was the WORST decision to remove wild battles in Let’s Go, and if that carries over into the main series RPGs, anger will flow through my veins like an Arbok’s venom.

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