The Division 2 to avoid Steam as a Digital Reseller Platform and join Epic Games

Despite the wealth given by Steam when it comes to TRIPLE A developers and the chance to earn more, it seems like Steam is getting a huge Backlash. A couple of developers already gave up on Steam and decided to use their own clients, also classified as launchers containing a Digital Store.

All previous titles developed and published by Ubisoft were much likely to be met on Steam. The largest Digital Reseller platform in property of Valve is facing problems since Triple-A developers of this caliber decided to change the rhythm of marketing and sells.

However, there’s something fishy in all of this, and it’s most likely related to the Revenue Policy. We know what Valve offered to its customers a while ago. While many believed it’s a win-win situation, it turned out to be a bummer, according to recent actions by some of the publishers.

We know that Bethesda has stopped its distribution on Steam and there are plenty of others who also did the same. Nevertheless, there is something strange especially because of Ubisoft’s decision to merge forces with Epic Games, rather than offering The Division 2 exclusively on Uplay.

Instead of Steam, Ubisoft decided to get on board with Epic Games and their Launcher. It appears that Ubisoft signed a new deal with Epic Games, granting them a chance to promote and sell their games on the Epic Games’ launcher.

Yes, the Epic Launcher is the same launcher where Fortnite Battle Royale can be found, which smells of a plot being traversed into reality, rather than anything else.

Apparently, Fortnite is the most played game nowadays, and the launcher of Epic Games may hold the future of becoming yet another global Digital Reseller, in which many publishers will hopefully meet their expectations.

In other news, Epic Games is still giving away video games and will continue doing the same over the course of 2019.

Angel Kicevski

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