Fortnite Week 10 Season 7 Shooting Gallery Challenge Locations

This week includes a somewhat unique challenge. Being a staged one, it is considered to be one of the most annoying to complete. Nevertheless, for our sake, this challenge is considered to be easy to accomplish. Before you attend this challenge, make sure you have a weapon in yourself. A long range one if possible. Regarding the locations, we’re here to cover that in this simple guide.

We will provide you with a full map of shooting gallery for this week only, week 10 of season 7, but also individual of all three spots. Below you can find the complete map containing the exact location of the Shooting Galleries.

Shooting Gallery Locations Fortnite Week 10 Season 7

For a more precise explanation, we have visited all of the maps and took a close up map picture, including a point of view.

We started at the east of Wailing Woods, the exact location of the Shooting Gallery:

Stage 2 The exact location of the Shooting Gallery north of Retail Row:

Do not get confused, the Shooting Gallery north of Retail is deep in the tree-covered area, and it is somewhat hard to see. Just run inside the woods and you’ll be able to see it.

The third and last one is east of Paradise Palms as showcased in the picture below:

For this one make sure you have a long range weapon such as assault rifle. Do not try to attend this Shooting Gallery with a shotgun.

We believe you finish all of the challenges in time. Hopefully, this guide will ease the job for you. Have a nice Fortnite weekend.

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  1. Recommended weapons for the shooting gallery challenges in week 10:

    East of Wailing Woods (short range): Tactical shotgun, blue is preferred. Semi-auto fire is quick and makes it easy to whip left and right to hit targets in succession.

    Retail Row (medium range): Dual handguns, blue or purple. Fast semi-auto fire, and two bullets for each trigger squeeze increases hit chances on the targets. Also recommended for you to get a buddy (or do it yourself) to clear out trees near the targets so that they become easier to pick out downrange.

    Paradise Palms (long range): Scoped anything is a *must*. Strip mine chests in central Paradise Palms until you can find something scoped that you can use. Spray and pray results in a lot of praying and no hitting.

    Scoped pistol will suffice, but keep in mind it only holds six shots. You need to hit five targets in a round. Even if you miss once, you probably should stop, reload, and try again. Nothing worse that getting to 4 targets and then running out of ammo as the storm gets closer.

    Recommended if you get stuck at PP: Get a teammate buddy. They can either 1) shoot the targets with you, even as you stand on the pressure plate (he/she takes left targets, you take right, for example), or 2) they can stand downrange right next to the targets and shoot them or hit them with his/her harvesting tool. Still counts! #1 is the wiser option, but option #2 is definitely funnier.

    If you still have targeting trouble at PP, turn down the sensitivity a bit (like to .5 or a little less) for scoped weapons in the settings.

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