The Prisoner Stage 4 is easy to unlock – Fortnite Guide

The Fortnite Prisoner Stage 4 is finally here. If you’re asking yourself how to acquire the final stage of The Prisoner skin, we’re here to help. Its location is simple to find and follow. Fortnite is about to become a lot more interesting game to play during these days, especially throughout the duration of the Overtime challenges.

We’ve heard a large portion of players from the Fortnite community and their revolt due to clickbait links related to Fortnite. Therefore, we wouldn’t like to stagger this whole guide but jump straight to the point.

Below you can find the exact trigger location. It is found on a hill just right of THE BLOCK. To unlock the fourth stage of the Prisoner skin you need to just stay in the middle of the fire ring.

After standing for like 2 seconds, the skin instantly transforms and unlocks the Fourth stage. See pic below:

Hopefully, this will make your day. Have a nice Fortnite weekend.

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