Battlefield V Firestorm Gameplay Trailer, set to release on March 25

As the Battle Royale genre is taking a swing and it is still in incremental phase, Battlefield V is the next among the video games to get a Battle Royale mode. Throughout the previous week, we were introduced to Firestorm for the first time. However, EA has decided to sink deeper and showcase actual gameplay footage.

So far we know that the map will be huge and will include a variety of vehicles. Among Air vehicles, there is going to be Land and Water transport vehicles, including armored ones. With a huge variety of transport vehicles, the game’s set to release on March 25. For the first time in a Battle Royale video game, we’ll witness amphibious vehicles that will be able to go both on water and land.

Electronic Arts have announced the coming gameplay trailer premiere and it begins in 20 minutes. The official gameplay trailer can be found below:

It is scheduled to go live very soon so make sure you tackle in and see what’s Firestorm all about.

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