First Look at Battlefield 5’s Firestorm Map

After the first tease and trailer premiere for Battlefield V, we received some new info. Thanks to various data mines, just 6 days before release, we got a peek of the Firestorm map. Firestorm is the new Battle Royale game mode coming in Battlefield V. It was announced pre-release, but it was far from full development.

The game mode is set to release on March 25th and be the first Battle Royale game mode available in the Battlefield franchise. It is probably one of the most anticipated game modes in the Battlefield series so far. The Battle Royale, as a genre, is still shaking the whole world with its popularity.

Thanks to Battlefield + EA Star Wars News Twitter Account, the map looks as below:

Now that we have a close look of the forthcoming Firestorm map. Apparently, the map is vast and almost 10x bigger than Hamada. That would probably make rotations and movement heavy dependant on transport vehicles. That proves the intention of creating amphibious vehicles for the matter. Besides that, air vehicles are also an option.

The name of the Firestorm Map is probably going to be Halvoy, but more precise findings are still missing. This leaves us with no further talks available until the release of Firestorm.

Many people believe that the Battlefield franchise was missing one a kind and unique Battle Royale. If you would like to find more about the amphibious vehicles, take a look below:

Battlefield V’s Firestorm will include amphibious vehicles

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