Ring of Elysium will get its first Esports event

The developers of the latest PUBG alike free-to-play Battle Royale, Ring of Elysium will have its own first esports event. The event will take place in Bangkok. Fifteen professional RoE teams will participate from different continents and countries. That is, NA, EU, Thailand, Taiwan, and China.

The Thailand invitational will be played on the Europa Island map. There will be a set of rules to make this tournament more entertaining, and the developers have only placed a couple of them ahead of the event.

Introducing the “boarding points” scoring system, bringing a new competitive eSports experience

The format of this event is separated into two stages: 4 TPP games and then 4 FPP games. The final placement and winner is judged by using the points system. The characteristic victory condition of ROE, which is boarding the evacuation helicopter (up to 4 winners), will be integrated into the points system in this event. In addition to the ranking points and kill points of each game, the number of boarding members is also part of the points calculation.

Various interesting scenarios, such as “sneaking onto the heli” and “defending the heli”, will be presented by the top teams, affecting the overall ranking and the intense situation of each endgame. The participating teams in all regions have developed various tactics according to ROE’s unique play-rules, making the competition even more worth expecting.

Angel Kicevski

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