The Division 2: 15 seconds skill cooldown bug, Massive working on a Fix

The Division 2 is facing some issues regarding skill deployment. Most of the players who are using the drone as their skill or ability have already been introduced to this problem. After its deployment the skill is being vanished, leaving the player with a 15 seconds cooldown on their UI. The issue is happening repeatedly, and it is somewhat annoying.

Luckily for the players, the developers behind Massive and The Division 2 are working on a fix. The fix will most likely be developed with the next patch, as this totally breaks the game and prevents enjoyment.

In a Tweet response, Terry Spier, the Creative Director at Ubisoft Red Storm on The Division 2, stated that a fix is being worked on.

With that being said, there’s no room to ring the alarm any further as the developers know about this issue already.

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  1. Least with this bug people can still run around shooting stuff with their guns!
    For people with the stutter/lag game killer issue, with all suggested “fixes” tried and ZERO actually working…we are DONE! Cant play a game when you rubber band so hard one second you are safe running in the streets, the next you are chest deep in hyenas getting killed while standing in front of a tree!

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