Apex Legends may receive cross-play feature very soon

According to a recent interview made by Dew McCoy, Apex Legends’ project lead, it appears that Apex Legends may receive something that was very demanding and arguably very popular nowadays. Apex Legends may become a title to allow cross-platform play, allowing different platforms to mix with each other in the matchmaking process.

This will allow friends to have the desired amount of gameplay experience. Despite the discouragement and other variety of issues found within the game. It is definitely the most popular feature offered by video games and developers nowadays. It is most likely coming to Apex Legends, simply because of the heavy requirement by its community.

The Project Leed has been interviewed to WIRED, and opened up his opinion on having a cross-platform play in Apex Legends. The interview was also published on, in which he clearly states that Cross-Play is a really valuable part of every game and Respawn Entertainment is looking forward to implementing one in Apex Legends.

Cross-play is something we really care about and are looking into,” McCoy said. “We know that people have friends on all sorts of platforms and that you really want to go to the arena and get some wins together, so stay tuned.

This will definitely spice things up and make the gameplay more interesting. Having a chance to opt in or out of the cross-play will possibly be a designated option that will allow players to choose from matching with similar or mixed platforms.

No one knows if the cross-play between PS4 and Xbox will become available sooner than the PC/Console mix. This is simply because PlayStation has its own perspective on this matter and is somewhat more strict than Xbox.

Currently, Apex Legends is cruising throughout its first Season and released its first Battle Pass.

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