Easter Egg found in The Division 2 that links to Spider-man

Over a month since its release, The Division 2 offers a lot of secrets filled within its open world. As such, a simple discovery covering anything unusual won’t be considered as awkward, because The Division 2’s open world is simply amazing, and it covers more secrets than players could imagine. As such, the new discovery of Easter Egg found webbed to a building proves its familiarization.

Insomniac Games have published the finding on their official Twitter profile. You can take a look at it below:

Spider-man the official game leaves webbed Spider-Man backpacks across New York, in which collectible items are hidden. They are also webbed to walls similar to the one found in The Division 2.

So far, the findings in The Division 2 have been linked to finding Ivory keys, requiring players to do certain puzzles in order to discover them all. But, it also contains items found within, that imply a potentially future content created by Ubisoft. Such as, the concept and story of the next Assassin’s Creed video game, which after a poster found in TD2, it shows that the next AC game will be set in the Vikings era.

Currently, The Division 2 is before its release of the first raid ever. The original game did not contain any raids, and it is a hit feature for this title. The raid is entitled as Operation Dark Hours and will consist of 8 players resolving puzzles and battling through waves of brutal enemies.

There has been a leak regarding its pure mechanics, and to accommodate the statement, it will probably be more efficient than expected.

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