Epic Games to improve the audio in Fortnite based on community feedback

Epic Games has shamelessly asked its community to help them with audio fixes. They have posted this on their official Fortnite subreddit, which resulted in higher interested and response by the community. We know how the Audio problems could pop up and become messy in Fortnite, especially when is a word about vertical audio. Players cannot distinguish the difference of above and below, which sometimes is quite punishable in game.

Accordingly, audio bugs are very hard to discover and requires a lot of dedication to lead to exposure of the same. Therefore, it is more common to see Epic Games seeking for info by asking its community, rather than implementing a physical force that will work on Audio bug discovery. It happens extremely rarely during some matches in which weird issues are causing the bugs.

The audio issues suddenly become a very debatable topic and whether or not weird audio is the cause of the broken code. There’s no place to say that the audio in Fortnite is defective or broken, but sometimes there are some difficulties that are causing a player confusion. The help inquiry posted by Epic Games can be found below:

We need your help with audio bugs! from FortNiteBR

They’ve also noted that replay files of the Fortnite World Cup qualifier were released to provide both players and content creators analyze everything. It will help in discovering certain bugs, in which audio could also be one of the vital prospects.

The analyzing has to be done as soon as possible because Patch 8.40 will most likely get rid of the possibility to run the Replays. Patch 8.40 is bound to come on Wednesday, which is going to break the network compatibility, leading to replay invalidation.

Throughout the World Cup Qualifier event, we’ve noticed some player being unaware of their surroundings. There have been players breaking through forts, without a single sound queue sent to the owner. This led to multiple rough reactions, but also made the competition somewhat unfair.

Just as in every other video game, bugs are common things to deal with, and Epic Games is seeking for help to further enhance the Audio in Fortnite.

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