Former Valve developer states that Epic Games will snatch Triple-A developers from Valve’s Steam

It is not strange to conclude Epic Games’ success with their Epic Games Store. Their revenue share policy is by far better than Steam, as it offers publishers a different approach with a chance to earn more. Recent exclusives such as Borderlands 3 and others are just securing the integrity by being listed on the Epic Games Store. A Former Valve developer has stated that with this tempo, Epic Games is doing a great job and is about to retake all triple-A titles from Steam.

This will hurt Steam and mesmerize it as an indie company which will become a lower tier of a digital reseller than the Epic Games Store. The 30% tax was somewhat killing PC gaming, and according to Richard Geldreich, a former Valve Developer, the revenue and tax are unsustainable for publishers. He also looks at Epic Games as the hero in this story, simply because of their generous revenue share policy.

You can find the tweet below:

This may lead to a total departure of Triple-A titles from Steam. Publishers will most likely go with the Epic Games offer, despite the fact it lacks a lot of community-wise options and features. In another tweet, Richard Geldreich stated that the exclusives won’t stop any time soon and will keep on flowing into Epic Games’ inventory.

Even though Richard himself knows that the Epic Games Store lacks a lot of features, it still believes that it will be the main choice of many triple-A developers/publishers. It is because of one thing, and that it the revenue share policy.

Even if the Epic Games STore is less robust than Steam itself, the money is the reason dictating what choice should publishers go for.

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