Pokemon Go Shiny Rates Increased and the Most Common Shiny Pokemon Analysis

There have been many reports of increased Shiny encounters since the Bug Out event came to an end.

Right at this moment, it is believed that the odds to get a Shiny are 1 in 450, which means it is 0.2%. This is very likely to be an accurate estimate because the data behind this is quite substantial.

After close 500+ observations, the following results were found:

  • Account 1: 112 checks, 2 shinies
  • Account 2: 127 checks, 2 shinies
  • Account 3: 178 checks, 4 shinies
  • Account 4: 56 checks, 1 shiny
  • Account 5: 85 checks, 0 shiny

Bear in mind that to get these results, five different accounts were used.

As you can see from the total count above, a total of 9 shiny Pokemon were found. This is more than what was originally expected.

There is another analysis which shows what’s the most common Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go and that’s Eevee. Again, after close observations, we are giving you a list of the (five) most common Shiny Pokemon that are spawning right now:

1. Eevee
2. Swinub
3. Treecko
4. Chikorita
5. Beldum

All of these checks are made by BravoDelta32 and Imshinypokemon, both of them are Reddit users. Be sure to give them an upvote for these amazing analysis.

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  1. During the Bug Out Event, I seen more pinecones, more slithers than I have ever encountered in years of playing. Not once did I see a shiny.
    Not once did I hear of any of my friends finding one.
    No, the Bug Out Event was a horrible experience for several of my friends and myself.

  2. It’s true i mean even tho i was able to find one in the tasks i hit over a 700 in the wild in only 2 days time and couldn’t find one shiny scyther in the wild only 1 from task and also did 80 tasks and only managed to get 1 scyther

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