Anthem patch 1.1.1 fixes a crucial exploit, available to download

Anthem has been suffering since the getgo. Lack of content, bugs, sound issues, and whatnot. However, the developers have managed to step up their game and develop a couple of fixes that may be a slight fix for the current disappointment. First of all, let’s talk about the re-dispense loot, considered as an exploit. Update 1.1.1 also enhances a couple of features that were already implemented in the game.

Anthem players were able to re-acquire loot from previously killed enemies, causing a huge balance issue. That being said, the update changes the loot behavior by fixing the exploit, which naturally resolves balance issues.

Patch 1.1.1 also changes the way salvaging works. At end of the expedition, salvaging was taking a slight bit longer than usual after the completion of an expedition. Therefore, there will be no extra time added to that, as it is dismissed in this current update.

I am personally up to join Anthem for a couple of expeditions and find out if a couple of these patch notes are truthful. Anthem had a huge potential for in the end to result in just a pesky gamble and nothing else.

Needless to say, we can all agree that it still offers a unique gameplay mechanics and battle like never seen in other video games of the same genre, but the fact that it lacks content is a huge upset.

For full and detailed info on the Anthem patch notes 1.1.1, check the list below:

Update Notes for 1.1.1

  • Fixed an error where Weapon and Components stat values were not displaying correctly.

  • Fixed a problem where suit power level (rarity) was not correctly being calculated based on equipped items.

  • Fixed an issue with Spanish audio in a conversation in the Sunken Cell stronghold.

  • Fixed an issue with French audio in a conversation in the Sunken Cell stronghold.

  • Fixed an issue causing a slight delay in Salvaging at End of Expedition

  • Partially defeated encounters will no longer re-dispense loot from previously defeated creatures.

  • [PC ONLY] – Right-clicking an item to salvage it at the end of expedition screen now requires the mouse button to be held.

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