Electronic Arts, Origin Servers are down for more than 6 hours

EA’s servers are still down after 6 hours of “whatever’s causing the issue”. EA has not stated publicly what is the cause of the issue, but they’ve acknowledged everyone that they’re working on the problem. While there’s not a single progress message, players are denied from playing their most favorite games that are under Origin.

It happened slowly, as their network was choking packets before it came to its final destruction. Nevertheless, the technicians behind EA are still working on recovering the problem.

Within a series of Tweets, EA has expressed its dedication to fixing things asap. Sadly, for a whole 6 hours, there hasn’t been any progress except a notice claiming on data recovery and server restart.

These problems are suffocating their most popular video games such as Apex Legends, Battlefield V, FIFA, and more, by prohibiting players from having fun. Having EA servers down, means Origin is not working, and even if the offline login somehow works, players are unable to hop into a multiplayer game.

Hopefully, this will resolve as we said, ASAP, and players can get back to play their most favorite video games in property of EA.

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Amie Gammons

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  1. Thanks for the update. Call me old-fashioned but this is exactly why I dislike having to rely on internet to play games. There are just too many issues both on their side on our side that can kill entertainment entirely. I understand the multiplayer servers and the necessity for them but I’m not talking about (or playing) games like that at the moment. I’m playing a game where being online or offline has almost no difference at all and if the content was installed and ran locally, players like myself would not be looking for something else to do right now. Oh well.

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