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Fortnite v9.10 Content Update adds the new Burst SMG, Patch Notes Revealed

Previously datamined and leaked, the Burst SMG has arrived in Fortnite. Today’s content update 9.10 patch notes have just discovered its arrival. At first, it was looking like a Vector, making players think it has a high rate of fire. Sadly, things have turned around, discovering it’s a word about a Burst SMG.

The new Burst SMG will be available in different variants, and those are, Common, Uncommon and Rare. Unlike the Vaulted Burst Assault Rifle, the Burst SMG will fire a burst of 4 rounds. The common burst SMG deals 23 damage, the Uncommon 24, and the Rare 25 damage. It has a decent headshot multiplier and can be found in standard loot, chests and Vending Machines.

On the other side, this content update vaults the suppressed submachine gun, which was the only hope for professionals to get a lase onto someone. Content Update 9.10 also adds a Limited Time Game Mode rotations, allowing players to shuffle the fun each time they swap.

Below you can find the official patch notes for content update 9.10, including the creative mode tweaks:



Fight to the finish using Legendary weapons!


Battle Royale gameplay with a limited set of weapons made up entirely of items that are vaulted in the standard modes.


Close quarters combat with Shotguns & Jetpacks!


  • Burst SMG
    • Available in Common, Uncommon and Rare variants.
    • Fires a quick 4 round burst.
    • Deals 23, 24, 25 damage.
    • 1.75x headshot multiplier.
    • 24 round magazine.
    • Can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, and Vending Machines.
    • Uses Light Ammo.
  • Vaulted
    • Suppressed Submachine Gun
      • Common, Uncommon, Rare


  • Now spawning 4 hot spots each match, to ensure that there is at least one on each side more often. This is a temporary fix until we can set up functionality to force the same number on each side in big team modes.



New Ground Floors
Alter your creations flooring to capture the correct atmosphere!

Mine Theme
Create your own mineshaft to explore!


  • Burst SMG
    • Available in Common, Uncommon and Rare variants.
    • Fires a quick 4 round burst.
    • Deals 23, 24, 25 damage.
    • 1.75x headshot multiplier.
    • 24 round magazine.
    • Uses Light Ammo.


  • Added 4 New Ground Floor Galleries
    • Grass X Dirt Gallery B – similar design to the previous Grass Floor Gallery, but now features sprigs of grass.
    • Grass X Wavy Sand Floor Gallery
    • Wavy Sand X Sand Floor Gallery
    • Snow X Gravel Floor Gallery
  • Added Ring Gallery B – which features rings the same colors as the beacon lights.
  • Added the Mine Gallery.
  • Added a Prop Door Gallery – doors that act as props, so they can be placed anywhere.
  • Added a Variant Wall Gallery – giving more customization options for buildings.
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