Fortnite’s Fortbyte #72 Found Within Salty Springs

Another day for another Fortbyte challenge. This time, we’re about to be taken to the fan’s favorite, Salty Springs. Probably the place that hasn’t been left empty, ever, in the matchmaking history of Fortnite. Well, let’s head on and discover the location of Fortbyte #72, which is located where else if not in the middle of Salty.

Salty Springs is located in the middle of the map, and within, there’s a flipped red truck. If you take a peek through its broken windshield, you’ll find the Fortbyte #72, waiting for you to claim it. More about that in the picture below:

Fortbyte #72 Found Within Salty Springs

We won’t be providing a map image of the location because everyone knows where exactly Salty Springs is located, and it wears the very same name on the map. Therefore, it is easy to find it and notice the flipped truck in the middle of the road.

Hopefully, this little guide will give you a couple of details on where the Corrupted Data is located.

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