Pokemon Go Buddy Challenge Grand Prize Winner Announced, Free Travel and Tickets to PoGo Fest 2019

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go announced the Grand-Prize winner of the Go SnapShot Buddy Challenge on their official Twitter account. The winner gets personalized PokeStop and free travel and tickets to the Pokemon Go Fest 2019 of their choice. Sounds great, right? Well, you can be the next winner!

The winner of the first AR photography challenge “Buddy Challenge” is the Twitter account risikichi and here is the “winner photo:”

There are still two Go Snapshot challenges left, two free personalized PokeStop to be given and two free airplane seats and tickets for the PoGo Fest 2019.

The second challenge is the Habitat challenge and here are the details:

For our Habitat Challenge, we’re asking Trainers to take the best photos of Pokémon in their natural habitat! It’s time to learn more about your Pokémon, as understanding a Pokémon’s type and Pokédex information is an important factor in winning this challenge!

Challenge Dates: April 29, 2019, to May 8, 2019
What to Do: Post your top three entries on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #GOsnapshot and #HabitatChallenge

The third and last AR challenge is the Go Create Challenge where players have to be innovative:

With GO Snapshot, there are almost no limits when it comes to where, when, and how you capture AR photos of your Pokémon. In our Go Create Challenge, we’re asking you to show us how innovative you can get with GO Snapshot. We can’t wait to see where your creativity takes you, Trainers!

Challenge Dates: May 13, 2019, to May 22, 2019
What to Do: Post your top three entries on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #GOsnapshot and #GoCreateChallenge.

Winners will be announced on Pokemon Go’s official Twitter account at the end of each Go SnapShot challenge.

For last, here are the winners’ rules and rewards:

  • The Pokemon Go team will select a grand prize winner and two runners-up for each challenge based on “originality, creativity, and visual fun.”
  • Runners-up will win a special PokeStop featuring their winning photo that will remain no less than three months.
  • The grand prize winner for each challenge will receive the special PokeStop and be “whisked away” with travel and tickets to a 2019 Pokemon Go Fest of their choice!
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