Should we still compare Apex Legends to Fortnite?

The answer is pretty straightforward, but if you would like we can elaborate on the subject. Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends was seen as a big competitor in the BR Genre, especially against Fortnite. Well, sadly, it shouldn’t have been compared at all, since Fortnite offers the most unique mechanic found in a video game.

Being able to build your own Fort and defend yourself by doing so, players have advanced their building technic light years ahead. That only made the competition stronger, making the game more interesting to play.

A simple kickoff was noticed by Apex Legends, and its creation surely left the world shook for some period. But, it failed to develop afterward, which led to player base loss and more. Their Battle Pass hasn’t been promising indeed, while Fortnite’s Battle Passes are full of content.

Not to mention the Live Events that occur on Fortnite’s map each season. Different and real-time map transitions are definitely first seen in Fortnite out of many other video games. Not anyone has managed to do that in real-time.

Otherwise, we believe that BR games would be very boring if there’s no new content. Fortnite is the only game that managed to change its first and only BR map in a way that no one could imagined. Other BR video games are adding new maps to shuffle the boredom, while Apex Legends hasn’t done a single move yet.

The last part would be the e-sports, in which Fortnite does exceptionally good. Compared to, or better yet, not compared to, it distinguishes a huge amount of cash to surprise e-sports competitors for tournaments under their organization. This whole year has been full of events from which participants gain a good portion of the pre-set prize pool.

Not to mention, the last event which is slated to happen this summer in New York, the Fortnite World Cup. It will even top Dota 2’s The International by offering $100 million prize pool. That makes every single person that manages to qualify and attend the finals in New York a pure winner.

Other BR games like PUBG have also tried to clinch the success by hosting firm and bountiful e-sports events, but never of this caliber.

So, should Fortnite be compared to any other Battle Royale game? I doubt as it is way ahead of its competitors, both on casual and e-sports level. We should be grateful for its existence and the fun it offers for everyone, both the players and viewers.

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