Fortbyte #19 Location, Accessible with the Vega Outfit

After the patch 9.21 Fortnite continues with the Fortbyte challenges. Today is time for the Fortbyte #19, which is located inside a Spaceship Building. Not many of those are existent in Fortnite. This challenge will also require the Vega Outfit, which needs to be equipped to unlock the Fortbyte.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight to the images and see where exactly the Fortbyte #19 is located.

There is only 1 spaceship building Epic Games could talk about, and that one is located south of Shifty Shafts. The building is made out of metal and like the other ones found across the map, can be edited. The highlight of the image above shows exactly where it is. But, where’s the Fortbyte #19 located?

It’s on the very back of the building, or more precisely said south side. Hopefully, this guide satisfied your needs. Take care an have a nice day in Fortnite!

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Amie Gammons

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